Clinical Leadership Team 2018 BMJ Award Winners

BMJ Awards 2018 Clinical Leadership Team

BMJ Awards 2018 Clinical Leadership Team for the Management of Aortic AneurysmWe are privileged that our group has been recognised by this prestigious National Award. This is the culmination of clinical excellence, research, training and team work over many years. This award recognises the input of many staff members in the management of this complex condition. This spans patients and their families, cardiologists, geneticists, specialist radiology services, anaesthesia, theatre nursing staff and technicians, perfusion scientists, intensive care staff, researchers, surgical trainees and cardiac surgeons.

We have concentrated on better and earlier diagnosis with relevant research, which has had an impact on international guidelines. We have improved peri-operative specialised anaesthetic care, surgical techniques and post-operative recovery through a consistent team approach, education of staff and high volume surgery to produce world class outcomes.

Our ethos is putting our patients and their families at the HEART of everything we do.

BMJ Awards 2018 Winners